Q: What is Learn to Skate?
A: Learn to skate is a group skating curriculum designed to teach the fundamentals of ice skating in a positive and fun atmosphere to children, teens, and adults. Learn to Skate provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey, and speed skating. Skaters progress at their own rate and advance to the next level after skill mastery is demonstrated.
Q: What’s the youngest age you accept?
A: We welcome anyone age 3 and up! Our classes are all age-appropriate and the TOTS classes are especially fun!
Q: What do I do on the first day of group lessons?
A: We recommend getting to the ice rink at least 20-30 minutes before your scheduled group lesson. When you arrive, check in at the front desk and you will receive your name tag and instructions on where to meet your coach. Classes are coded by color.
Q: Is skate rental included with my LTS registration?
A: Yes! When registering for LTS, you will submit your skater’s skate size. We will have the appropriate skates sanitized and ready for you in your designated seating area upon arrival.
Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Wear warm, comfortable clothing. It is best to dress in layers. Helmets are highly recommended - a bike helmet works well! If you wear knee pads, choose ones without an outer plastic shell. Thin socks that go above the ankle are optimal. Gloves are a must! Don’t forget a warm jacket. Skates should fit snugly and should be laced comfortably tight around the ankle. Our coaches will conduct a “skate check” prior to skaters entering the ice.
Q: How/where do I find my coach?
A: Coaches will meet their students in the lobby each week next to their skaters’ assigned chairs.
Q: Where can I watch my child?
A: We kindly ask parents (especially parents of young, beginner level skaters) please remain in the lobby for at least the first 10 minutes of class. This allows our staff to go over off-ice instructions prior to getting on the ice. Once class has begun, parents of our TOTS classes may watch rinkside. We ask that all other parents observe from our upstairs lobby or mezzanine.
Q: How do I know if I passed the class and can proceed to the next level?
A: We will complete a “Pre-Test” evaluation on week 4 (out of 6) so skaters have ample notice of which level to sign up for when reenrolling. Students will receive a test packet at the end of each series. Each skater will receive a graded test sheet from their coach including feedback on what needs improvement. Basic Skills badgers 1-6 are available for purchase. Many skaters enjoy collecting these!
Q: Do I have opportunities to practice outside of class?
A: You may practice on our Freestyle Sessions if you are enrolled in one of the following: Learn to Skate, Private Lesson Package, Private lessons, or a member of a USFSA club. 
Q: I am interested in private lessons. How do I find a coach?
A: Please send an email to our figure skating director, tina@snokingsnoqualmie.com. She will get to know you and subsequently place you with who she feels is the best fit!