Snoqualmie Ice Arena
35323 SE Douglas St
Snoqualmie, WA 98065 
Phone: 425-254-8750

    • Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your class start time. This is very important- Do not arrive late. This is to ensure adequate time for skate fitting and lace up.
    • Every person who enters the building must wear a mask. Skaters must wear a mask while skating. All coaches and staff members will be masked at all times.
    • Only one guardian per family may enter the building. No siblings allowed unless they are also enrolled in a group class on the same day. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • When registering for group class, you will input shoe size. We will pull rental skates based on skater’s shoe size and have them ready for you when you arrive at the arena. They will be on your numbered chair.
    • Keep in mind skates come in whole sizes only, wear a thin sock that goes up and over the ankle, and when in doubt size down. Skates need to fit snug.
    • We strongly recommend figure skates for all beginners. Skate rental is included.
    • We recommend bringing your own helmet.
    • Upon arriving to the building, join the queue in the lobby to be checked in at the front desk. There will be social distancing markers where you will queue. Temperatures will be checked at this time for everyone who enters the building. You will receive your badge. Your badge will match your level color and each skater will be assigned a number.
    • Parents will be given a sticker badge that corresponds to your skater.
    • After you receive your temperature check, you will be directed to your seating section. Find your white chair in the lobby that has the corresponding number on your badge. Chairs are disinfected in between each group and are reserved for our group participants only. Chairs will be placed in the lobby 6 ft apart and each skater will leave their shoes and other personal items on their numbered chair.
    • Each guardian will be responsible for lacing up their child’s ice skates. Coaching staff and our Skatebassadors will be available to help if needed.
    • Once skaters take the ice, a staff member will move your items to your blue exit chair where it will be waiting for you at the conclusion of class.
    • You will meet your coach in the lobby. Please wait at your white chair, your coach will come to greet you when class starts.
    • We will have a viewing space available on the upstairs mezzanine with spaces clearly marked to ensure social distancing. After week one, we request that parents with children over the age of 10 drop their child off (optional).
    • Parents of children enrolled in our TOTS program (ages 3-5) are allowed to watch rink side.
    • Groups will be no bigger than 1 coach to 5 skaters. Please note that outside of COVID-19 restrictions, class sizes can accommodate up to 12 skaters.
    • For all children that have never skated before, classes will commence off-ice. Instructors will go over how to properly fall and stand up. Off-ice areas will be disinfected prior and post each class.
    • At the conclusion of your practice time, skaters will be directed to leave the ice through the far south door. A junior coach will be waiting there to direct skaters. There will be blue chairs lined up rink side with coordinating numbers. Skaters will find their matching blue chair where shoes and personal items will be waiting.
    • After taking off your skates, please deposit them in Rubbermaid bins that are located by the arena doors. Skates will be disinfected for the next group.
    • Traffic flow is a one way in one way out system. After dropping off your skates, families will exit the building from the east doors into the main parking lot. A skatebassador or staff member will be there to direct you.


Contact our Figure Skating Director

Tina McPherson, Snoqualmie Skate Director

Phone: 425-254-8750